Synergy Sales


Synergy Sales Philosophy

Synergy Sales executives provide expert sales coverage at all key accounts

We pride ourselves on being hands-on owners, who make headquarter calls at least once per week at all key accounts.  This high level of call frequency allows us to have extremely strong relationships with key personnel at all accounts.  This hands-on approach is part of our corporate philosophy for partners and staff alike.  This makes us unique and more successful than our competitors

Marketing and sales consulting is provided as a matter of course in working with each manufacturer, helping them become intimately familiar with how each key account does business and what the expectations are from each retailer for all manufacturers attempting to do business with them.  These elements of sales planning are critical to the success of all sales efforts and are of the highest priority to all of us at Synergy Sales

Our administrative staff of well trained professionals boasts over 55 years of experience in the industry and with Synergy Sales.  They have state of the art skills set, thorough knowledge and understanding of our key account business practices